Your Personal Journey

Welcome to Your Personal Journey to Intentional Living!!

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Raise Your Peace Level by focusing on the positive side of life! Be intentional about it and watch how it multiplies and grows.

Nothing has to change except your perspective. But when your perspective changes, everything changes!

Peace and Stillness – “In the midst of movement and chaos, keep stillness inside of you.”  -Deepak Chopra


Love and Connectedness – When your core is plugged in and connected, love can pour through you.

Presence – Only one time exists – NOW! Don’t be so wrapped up in past events or future worries that you are missing life. Life is right now.

“Me” Time and Self Care – Neglecting your own needs in order to care for your world does not help the world. Your soul must be healthy so that true love can flow. There is NO GUILT in taking time for yourself.

Hope and Motivation – “Hope is a waking dream”  (Aristotle)  Even the smallest glimpse of hope is a jewel is you polish it.

Focus – You can’t break the board if you don’t hit it. The best skills in the world are useless without focus.

Balance – Finding a healthy balance in life opens your options and abilities.

Inner Security – Your strongest sense of security comes from deep within yourself, not from anything or anyone outside of you.

Acceptance – Acceptance is the opposite of stress. Things are as they are. Internal stress dissolves when we accept this and move forward.

Drop Your Stress Level! Do you need some extra help in letting go of the negative side of life? It is all too easy to hang onto it, and then it becomes a large part of who you are. You can break its hold on you! Start now and watch those chains fall off!

STRESS – Stress is eating us up as a society. The far majority of doctor’s visits are for stress-related symptoms. It’s time to quite letting the stress control you! Take control now before it is too late!

Schedule overload!! Do you collapse in bed every night from exhaustion? Do you wake up each morning dreading doing it all over again? We suffer from busy-ness. It is time to do something about it – NOW!

Worry and anxiety! The mind just won’t stop! It plays a scenario out over and over, many times with negativity and bad outcomes. This is worry, and it is very costly. The price is your own positive energy and happiness.

Worry about what others think – One of the greatest prisons people live in is the fear of what other people think. Break out of that prison and find the most wonderful freedom!

Expectations and Guilt – Are you trying to live up to everyone else’s expectations? Are your own expectations swallowing you and filling you with guilt? Let go and live!

Negativity and Resistance – Carrying a heart of negativity closes you up to this beautiful world. You feel internal resistance to everything, even the good things in life.

Self-Criticism – It is very easy to be your own worst enemy. The internal chatter we endure day after day can be quite unforgiving. Well..GET OFF YOUR OWN BACK!

Fear – Afraid? Of what? Of failure? Of success? Of rejection? Of trying something new? Of reaching out of your comfort zone? Fear holds many people back – don’t be one of those people!