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What is your relationship with your present moment?

Are you friends or are you enemies? Do you ignore each other and keep your distance?

Do you bring your awareness to your present moment often?

These are such vital questions in life. They will lead you to the root of happiness. Because happiness lies right inside you this very moment.

Your relationship with your present moment is the same as your relationship with life, with yourself and with God.

Build that relationship with your present moment and watch in amazement as you find peace with who you are and with the world around you.

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You are the “I am” who is experiencing life. There are many experiences that you are currently having, have had and will have, but they aren’t who you are. They don’t define you and don’t help people to know you. You are the part that is experiencing this life of yours.

This simple worksheet will help you re-connect with who you truly are. I believe that if I put this worksheet in your hands, then you are much more likely to actually do it. So I am offering it to you completely FREE! Simply join my mailing list below.

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Your Personal Journey

Yours and Yours Alone

This is your Personal Journey. No one else can live this life for you! No one else has that right.

On this path, you can pursue self-care, inner security and acceptance. Or you can spend your time conquering schedule overload, worry and anxiety. There are many options, and the choice is yours!!

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Pondering at the Piano

Pondering at the Piano

For years, I have sat at the piano, pondering as I played. Many life lessons have jumped out at me as though they were sitting there waiting. Others have taken years of contemplation. On this podcast, I share these ponderings.

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